Doing Business in India Presentation

The Indian economy is booming! India is becoming increasingly popular as a low-cost place to manufacture goods and outsource services. But without a full grasp of the local business environment, cost savings can be elusive. This presentation covers topics from joint ventures and foreign investment to recruiting strategies in India. What are the risks and benefits of doing business in India? What types of candidates are available to fill key jobs in India? How is the Indian culture different from East Asian and Western culture? View this presentation for the answers to these questions and more.


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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to India
    • Demographics
    • Political climate
    • Economics
    • Business environment
  • Ways of Doing Business in India
    • Imports
    • Sourcing
    • Local Manufacturing
  • Foreign Investment in India
    • Investment trends
    • Investment policy
  • Joint Ventures
    • Joint ventures in India today
    • Risks/benefits of joint ventures
    • Case study
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Assessing the Market
  • Regulatory Steps to Establishing a Business in India
  • Overview of Recent HR and Recruiting Trends in India
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
    • Current IPR situation in India
    • Dealing with IPR infringement
  • Contracts in India
    • Employment contracts
    • Business contracts
  • Working with Advisors
    • Consultants
    • Legal counsel
  • Other Factors to Consider
    • Risk factors
    • Success factors
    • Common pitfalls to avoid
    • Cultural issues