Medical Device Distributor Search in Asia

We can help you build a strong, reliable distributor network to maximize your sales in Asia.

Medical Device Distributor Search in Asia

Finding the right medical distributors in Asia can be a difficult process. Knowing the right questions to ask and performing extensive due diligence are crucial to finding the most qualified and trustworthy Asian distributors.

With our deep industry knowledge and strong on-the-ground presence through our four Asia offices and affiliates located throughout the continent, Pacific Bridge Medical can assist you in your distributor search by identifying and qualifying the best distributors for your medical company’s products.

You should not sign contracts with medical device distributors in Asia until you have conducted a thorough analysis of the success rate of their past medical sales. In order to find the most suitable distributors in each specific Asian market, targeted questions are necessary, such as the following:

  • Does the potential distributor sell synergistic products?
  • Does the distributor have strong sales and marketing personnel?
  • Do they have a qualified in-house regulatory team to help with product registration?
  • Can you speak the distributor’s local Asian language or is their English sufficient to communicate?
  • Does the potential Asian medical distributor understand the notion of “conflict of interest”?

Medical Device Distributor Search Services

Pacific Bridge Medical’s expert consultants can assist you during the distributor search process in the following ways:

  • Determine the most appropriate distribution strategy for the client based on a thorough study of the client’s products and needs and a comprehensive analysis of the market situation and opportunities in each targeted Asian market;
  • Contact and correspond with potential distributors, and provide them with the necessary information and materials from the client as needed;
  • Conduct rigorous evaluations of potential distributors to assess whether they will be able to meet the client’s needs;
  • Create a shortlist of the most qualified distributors;
  • Set up meetings for the client to visit the shortlisted distributors;
  • Help the client negotiate a distribution agreement;
  • Manage the distributors locally and assist the client with relevant issues as needed after the distribution agreement is signed, to ensure that the distributors continue to perform at a high standard.

Pacific Bridge Medical has been finding and managing the best Asian medical distributors for 30 years. Contact us now to learn more details about how we can help you access the Asian markets and increase your sales in Asia.

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