Understanding Asian Cultural Diversity for Medtech Companies Presentation

Managing Asian cultural and business diversity can be very complex for Western companies. Each country has its own culture, history, ideology, language and philosophy: a strategy in Taiwan may not work in China, and vice versa. Understanding the local mentality, beliefs, and even linguistic traits can make a world of difference in managing Asian employees effectively. View this presentation to learn about business culture and strategies for the different Asian countries.


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Table of Contents:

  • Asia Facts and Culture
    • Asia country demographics
    • Asia country facts
    • Asia country economic statistics
    • Ethnicity and religion
    • Asia cultural trends
  • China Business Strategies
    • Understanding the Chinese culture: guanxi and face
    • Conducting effective business in China
    • Chinese boss-employee relationships
    • China-U.S. headquarters communications
    • Performance reviews in China
    • Unionization in China – ACFTU
  • Japanese Business Strategies
    • Conducting effective business in Japan
    • Understanding the Japanese: holding a meeting, gifts
  • Korean Business Strategies
    • Understanding Korean culture: group consensus
  • S.E. Asian Business Strategies
    • Understanding S.E. Asian culture: personal connections, negotiation strategies
  • India Business Strategies
    • Understanding Indian culture: hierarchy, negotiation strategies
  • Cultural Impact on Doing Business in Asia
    • Managing Asian employees
    • Challenges in doing business in Asia
    • Case study China: When an employee says goodbye
    • Case study Korea: “I can do better than you” syndrome
    • Career advancement in the Asian context
    • Communication challenges