Asia Business Strategy Consulting for Medical Devices

With almost 30 years of experience, our business strategy consultants can set your medical device company on the path to growth in Asia.

There are tremendous opportunities for international medical device companies in Asia, but having an intelligent, sustainable business strategy is key to surviving in the competitive Asian medical markets.

Asia Business Strategy Consulting for Medical Devices

Pacific Bridge Medical has been helping medical companies successfully navigate the terrains of Asia’s medical markets since 1988. We work closely with our clients to develop winning strategies, drawing on our extensive regional experience and intimate knowledge of the Asian medical device industry.

Our business consulting process can help at any stage of your business with everything from market research to distributor search and sourcing and manufacturing in twelve of the major Asian medical markets: China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

When devising a business strategy for your medical product in the Asia medical device markets, there are three key questions that you should consider:

  1. Are you certain your medical device will sell in Asia?
    Just because your medical product has a market in the United States or Europe does not guarantee high sales in every part of Asia. Each Asian country – and oftentimes, each region within the country– has different demands. As leading Asia business consultants, we can provide you with the market research to help you make the right decisions.
  2. Will you be able to import your medical device into Asia?
    In some cases, getting state-of-the-art medical technology through the local Asian regulatory systems can be very difficult. Local doctors may have different outlooks on which products to use. Your Asian business strategy will also be affected by a variety of other factors, including the wealth of that Asian country, ability to get local reimbursement, and competing local products.
  3. Asia Business Strategy Consulting for Medical DevicesAre there opportunities for your company to expand in Asia’s medical markets?
    Medical device companies with the right business strategy succeed in growing their business in Asia. Companies who do not conduct due diligence are at a high risk of facing significant losses in revenue. Our business development consulting experts can assist you in creating the best strategy to help you sell your medical device in the Asia markets.

Ready to develop a successful business strategy in Asia for your medical product? Contact us today for a free consultation with our Asia business consultants.

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