Sourcing and Manufacturing Medical Devices and Drugs in Asia

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Sourcing and Manufacturing Medical Products in AsiaAsia has become the chief manufacturing center of the world for medical devices, components, pharmaceuticals, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). However, searching for a qualified manufacturing facility for your medical product in Asia is not an easy task. Extensive screenings of potential suppliers and stringent due diligence are necessary to ensure that you find a capable, trustworthy supplier. It is essential to perform this step thoroughly as poor supply chain practices may have a serious negative impact on your business and reputation.

Pacific Bridge Medical can help you locate and qualify supplier candidates, conduct due diligence, ensure compliance with local standards, and more. We can even act as your supply chain management consultant.

Our services to assist you in importing from Asia include:

  • Determining the best Asian country to source products from
    China and India are powerhouses for sourcing or manufacturing medical products. Vietnam is also a low-cost country that is developing quickly. In some cases, India and Vietnam can offer costs as low as half of China’s. We will conduct an in-depth assessment of the client’s product and needs in order to determine the most strategic and cost-effective Asian country to source from.
  • Initial supplier search
    Medical manufacturer directories, trade shows, catalogs, and internet sources are all sources for beginning a manufacturer search. However, it is critical to acknowledge that while there is a wealth of information on the internet, this should not be the sole foundation for qualifying capable suppliers. PBM has on-the-ground sourcing experts who speak the Asian languages and will carefully inspect the details of potential suppliers’ manufacturing facilities and quality control processes.
  • Contacting, qualifying, and building relationships with capable Asian suppliers
    We will begin by initiating contact with suppliers via phone and email to pre-assess their capabilities, determine who actually owns the company, if the company possesses the manufacturing licenses for the devices they claim to produce, and how financially stable the manufacturer is.
  • On-site assessments & quality audits at supplier manufacturing facilities
    Face-to-face meetings are a crucial part of establishing and further developing business relations with candidate manufacturers. Although we will address inquiries similar or identical to the questions previously asked via phone and email, the impression received during the facility tour takes precedence over presumptions attained during the preliminary off-site investigation. PBM will confirm the following information during on-site visits:

    • Supplier headquarters (business operations) and manufacturing facility addresses
    • Direct contact information for all primary contacts (names, titles, direct phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)
    • Year of establishment Sourcing and Manufacturing Medical Products in Asia
    • Main export markets
    • Number of employees
    • Number of total manufacturing facilities
    • Annual revenue
    • Compliance with local and international standards
    • Relevant certifications (ISO 13485, CE certificates, etc.)
    • Primary (main) product lines
    • Secondary product lines (if applicable)
    • Valid operating licenses (official business license, invoice sample, tax registration certificates, etc.)
  • Providing a detailed supplier report
    We will submit a detailed report summarizing each supplier’s capabilities and ability to make the required medical products. We will indicate our assessment of components such as factory equipment/machinery used, production area cleanliness and organization, the assembly process, risk management procedures, personnel, etc., and also indicate our overall rating for the supplier based on our assessment criteria. We will discuss the report with the client and answer any follow-up questions. We will also communicate with the suppliers to provide an evaluation of the total costs.
  • Providing supplier product samples for your review
    We will ensure supplier diligence and comprehension of your product specifications (color & design, weight, dimensions, raw materials used for components) as well as printing and packing specifications (package printing colors, box packaging and design, etc.) by requesting samples based on your individual requirements.
  • Conclude a sourcing agreement
    We will assist with negotiating a sourcing agreement. On your behalf, PBM will negotiate production costs for product samples, product molding costs, minimum order quantity (MOQ) per purchase order, product price per unit, packaging & labeling, printing fees, and payment terms.
  • Quality assurance inspections for product purchase orders
    Our QC inspector will perform and manage quality assurance inspections at the supplier’s manufacturing and/or freight forwarding facility before the products are shipped to your final destination. We will develop schedules and maintain reports for all Quality Assurance Checks.
  • On-going supplier management
    We will continue monitoring the manufacturing and sourcing process to ensure that the products are properly manufactured to your expectations.

Whether you need comprehensive assistance with all services related to the sourcing and manufacturing process or would like us to consult on a specific sourcing and manufacturing function, PBM can develop and execute a plan that’s tailored to meet your requirements. Contact us today or select your target market for country-specific information.

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Pacific Bridge Medical’s local offices in Asia can assist your company in finding experienced, reliable, Asian medical manufacturers for long-term sourcing and manufacturing partnerships. We also have the expertise to help you set up your own wholly-owned greenfield factory for medical products in Asian countries. For a free consultation with our sourcing experts, contact us.

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