Japan Business Culture and Etiquette Presentation

Japan Business Culture and Etiquette

With the third largest economy in the world, Japan is an attractive market for Western companies looking to expand internationally. To do successful business in Japan, however, Westerners need to understand Japanese culture and business etiquette. The strongly hierarchical group mentality and distinct social etiquette in Japan require careful consideration in your business proceedings with Japanese people. What messages are indirectly communicated via speaking manner and body language? How do Japanese companies balance business and social proceedings? What are common mistakes that Western companies make? What is the most successful approach to doing business with Japanese people? View this presentation to learn more about how to conduct business in Japan.


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Table of Contents:

  • Intro to Japan
    • Geography of Japan
    • Basic demographic and economic data
    • Recent economic performance
  • Basic concepts in Japanese culture
  • American stereotypes of Japanese
  • Japanese stereotypes of Americans
  • Characteristics of companies in Japan
    • Long-term thinking
    • Lifetime employment
    • College hiring
    • Seniority system
    • Recent changes
  • Meeting/Negotiating with Japanese
    • Meeting for the first time
    • Structure of a meeting
    • Strategies for successful negotiation
    • Socializing after the meeting – etiquette for eating and drinking
    • Networking effectively in Japan
  • The Japanese decision-making process
  • Communicating with Japanese
  • Maintaining strong business relationships
  • Dealing with the government
    • Government officials
    • Quality issues
  • Multicultural workplaces
    • Managing Japanese employees
    • Working under Japanese managers
    • Gaining trust as a foreigner