Hong Kong Medical Market

hong kong medical market

The medical market in Hong Kong is small compared to other Asian markets, but it is wealthy and sophisticated. Oftentimes, the Hong Kong market will guide and influence the market in mainland China. Pacific Bridge Medical’s office in Hong Kong enables us to successfully manage and complete projects in Hong Kong for our clients according to all of their needs.

Hong Kong Medical Device Market Size

  • $620 million
  • Projected Growth Rate: 7.8%

Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Market Size

  • $2.5 billion
  • Projected Growth Rate: 6.5%

Hong Kong Economic Statistics and Demographics

  • GDP (PPP): $502 billion
  • Per Capita GDP (PPP): $64,596
  • Real GDP Growth Rate: 3.8%
  • Population (millions): 7.4
  • Ethnic Diversity: 92% ethnic Chinese, 2.5% Filipino, 2.1% Indonesian, 3.4% other
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