Recruiting Medical Executives for Asia

For further details about how we can help you recruit the best executives for your Asian medical business, please contact us.

Given our robust market proficiency, extensive cultural familiarity, and considerable network in the Asia medical markets, Pacific Bridge Medical (PBM) can help Western medical companies successfully recruit executives in Asia. We offer an exclusive retained search service that can help your medical company find the highly experienced and qualified professionals you need to manage your business and regulatory affairs in the Asian countries.

Recruiting Medical Executives for AsiaCoverage in Asia: We are able to recruit key executives for Western medical companies with a hiring demand in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Fields: We recruit medical executives in the respective fields: medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and consumer health.

Executive Positions: Examples of position titles include regulatory executive, general manager, sales and marketing executive, and more.

Cultural and Market Comprehension: Understanding the local medical and regulatory culture in each Asian market is crucial. For example, if you are recruiting for an Asian regional position, it may be best to hire a Chinese person from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, or one of the ASEAN countries. If you are recruiting for China, a local Chinese or Chinese returnee will probably be your best option, as opposed to hiring an expatriate.

PBM’s Recruiting Services:

  • Assist the client in developing the job description
  • Conduct the candidate search in accordance with the client’s desired qualifications
  • Identify appropriate candidates
  • Screen appropriate candidates via phone and/or in-person interviews
  • Present a short list of candidates to the Client
  • Assist in interviewing final candidates
  • Assist in negotiating a contract with the desired candidate
  • Provide other assistance to help the Client hire the desired candidate as needed
  • We can also help solve human resources issues for medical companies in Asia

For further details about how we can help you recruit the best executives for your Asian medical business, please contact us.

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