Singapore Medical Market

Singapore has a reputation of being the gold standard for healthcare in the region due to its strong healthcare industry and excellent healthcare system. Overall, Singapore’s stable economy and political environment make it a good choice for investors looking to set up business in the Asian region. Pacific Bridge Medical can help Western medical device and pharmaceutical companies with establishing business and regulatory strategies specific to the Singapore market.

Singapore Medical Device Market Size

  • $530 million
  • Projected Growth Rate: 8.5%

Singapore Pharmaceutical Market Size

  • $948 million
  • Projected Growth Rate: 9%

Singapore Economic Statistics and Demographics

  • GDP (PPP): $488 billion
  • Per Capita GDP (PPP): $87,100
  • Real GDP Growth Rate: 2.0%
  • Population (millions): 6
  • Ethnic Diversity: 76.8% Chinese, 13.9% Malay, 7.9% Indian, 1.4% other
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