Malaysia Medical Market

malaysia medical market, malaysia mda

Malaysia’s efforts to improve medical access and introduce business friendly policies have continued to attract foreign investment into the country’s medical manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the rising income levels of the middle class, more accurate medical diagnosis, the predominance of chronic diseases, and health consciousness characterize Malaysia and its extensive potential for Western medical companies. On the ground in Malaysia, Pacific Bridge Medical has expert partners who can help with medical device and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs as well as business strategy development.

Malaysia Medical Device Market Size

  • $1.4 billion
  • Projected Growth Rate: 16.1%

Malaysia Pharmaceutical Market Size

  • $3.2 billion
  • Projected Growth Rate: 9.5%

Malaysia Economic Statistics and Demographics

  • GDP (PPP): $1.06 trillion
  • Per Capita GDP (PPP): $31,782
  • Real GDP Growth Rate: 5.9%
  • Population (millions): 32.4
  • Ethnic Diversity: 61.7% Malay and indigenous peoples, 20.8% Chinese, 6.2% Indian, 0.9% other, 10.4% non-citizens
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