Contract Research Organizations in Asia Report 2014

Contract Research Organizations in Asia Report 2014This report on Asian CROs provides a comprehensive list of contract research organizations in Asia. The countries covered include: Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Included for each CRO are contact information, description of services and further comments about the organization. This report includes an overview of the increasing trend of pharmaceutical companies outsourcing clinical research to CROs in Asia, as well as some recommendations for choosing the right Asian CRO. In addition, this report presents short overviews of the regulatory procedures required for obtaining government approval to conduct a clinical trial in each of the above countries.

Updates for 2014 include:

  • Updated contact information on local and foreign contract research organizations in Asia
  • Latest statistics on healthcare and the pharmaceutical and drug markets in each Asian country
  • Updated contact information on government health agencies in each Asian country


To download this report, please click on Contract Research Organizations in Asia Report 2014.


Table of Contents:

  1. Conducting Clinical Trials In Asia
  2. Why Go to CROs in Asia?
  3. What to Watch Out For
  4. How to Choose a Contract Research Organization in Asia
  5. Which Countries?
  6. Japan: Clinical Trials in Japan and listing of CROs
  7. Taiwan: Clinical Trials in Taiwan and listing of CROs
  8. Singapore: Clinical Trials in Singapore and listing of CROs
  9. Hong Kong: Clinical Trials in Hong Kong and listing of CROs
  10. Korea: Clinical Trials in Korea and listing of CROs
  11. India: Clinical Trials in India and listing of CROs
  12. China: Clinical Trials in China and listing of CROs
  13. Malaysia: Clinical Trials in Malaysia and listing of CROs
  14. Philippines: Clinical Trials in the Philippines and listing of CROs
  15. Indonesia: Clinical Trials in Indonesia and listing of CROs
  16. Thailand: Clinical Trials in Thailand and listing of CROs
  17. Vietnam: Clinical Trials in Vietnam and listing of CROs