China’s cancer treatments making progress

More cancer patients are being diagnosed in China than in any other global market in the world. Cancer is rampant in China due to a number of factors including an aging population, smoking, air pollution, as well as other poor lifestyle choices. China’s biotech companies are growing, raising more money than ever before and becoming significantly more sophisticated. One example is a Shanghai-based company called Gracell Biotechnologies, Ltd. Gracell is at the forefront of developing Cart-T and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cells. By supercharging T-Cells, such cells can attach to cancer cells and kill the disease. While Novartis and Gilead have similar products, their products take 2-3 weeks to develop and are very expensive. Gracell’s products can be made in a day at one-fifth of the cost. The Chinese NMPA is trying to devise new regulatory paths to get this product on the market right away.