Japan Medical Device Reimbursement 2010 Webcast

Japan has the second largest medical device market in the world. How you determine whether product registration makes sense is largely a function of the device reimbursement. All too often, a medical device company will go through the regulatory hurdles and long approval times in Japan to then realize that they have not determined if their pricing strategy will work. This webcast will explain the reimbursement process, including reimbursement strategies as well as what key documents and information are necessary to submit to the PMDA. It will also explain the approximate timeframes for different reimbursement schemes.


To view the webcast presentation slides in PDF format, please click on Japan Medical Device Reimbursement 2010 Webcast Slides.



  • Japan healthcare overview
  • Overview of Japan’s reimbursement system
  • Payment system
    • Functional Category
    • Fee-For-Service
  • Reimbursement categories for medical devices
    • Examples of each reimbursement category
    • Determining appropriate reimbursement category
    • Detailed application forms for some reimbursement categories
    • Application and review process, time frames
  • How reimbursement rates are set
  • How to get the maximum reimbursement for your device
  • The key documents to get product reimbursement
  • How to fill out the key documents
  • Tips for success
  • How reimbursement prices are adjusted
    • Reasonable Zone (R-Zone)
    • Foreign Average Reference Price (FRP)
  • New trends in the reimbursement system in Japan