Obesity Growing in Asia

Asian countries are growing more concerned by rising obesity levels among their populations. While Asia still has some of the lowest rates worldwide of people classed as overweight or obese, the region has seen an alarming increase in recent years. The trend... Read More


Sports Medicine in Asia 2017

This article was originally published on MedTech Intelligence. Introduction Sports medicine is the treatment of injuries or health problems related to exercise, sports, or any other health activity. Asia accounts for approximately 15 percent of the global sports medicine market, which was... Read More


Indonesia’s Fast Growing Healthcare Industry is an Opportunity for Foreign Medtech Investors 

Factors in Indonesia such as urbanization and a large, slowly aging population are driving the demand for quality healthcare. In 2014, the introduction of a universal health plan aiming to cover the entire population of 250 million people presents a tremendous opportunity for Western medical device and pharmaceutical companies to export their... Read More