Indonesia to accept applications for its popular online medical devices catalogue

For this first time since 2018, holders of medical device licenses in Indonesia will be able to apply this year for inclusion in the government’s popular online catalogue, the Indonesia Ministry of Health has announced.

The online purchasing system currently lists over 28,000 medical devices, along with their technical specifications and prices, in an electronic catalog. It was created in 2014 by the Indonesian Government Goods and Services Procurement Organization (LKKP). The catalogue has been popular since its inception. It has increased the efficiency of the procurement process, increased transparency, and grown sales for participants.

Because applications for inclusion in the catalogue were not accepted last year, demand is expected to be high. Potential applicants should prepare materials early, many of them the same materials required for medical device registration, and be on the lookout for the announcement of the enrollment window. Applications were accepted for just five days in 2018.