Yin Li Named as New Chief of China’s SFDA

On February 20th, 2012, Mr. Yin Li began his work as the new chief of The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). Mr. Yin Li is replacing the former chief, Mr. Ming Li Shao. Since 2006, Mr. Yin Li has worked in several positions at the Ministry of Health (MOH), which eventually led to his current position as the chief of the SFDA. Mr. Yin’s major responsibilities at the MOH for the last 3 years has included food safety, drug safety, drug distribution and supply management, infectious diseases and public health emergencies, and healthcare reforms, etc.

Born in Shandong, China on August 1962, Mr. Li received a medical degree at the University of Shandong in 1988. He proceeded to work as a researcher and inspector for government organizations, including the Research Bureau of the State Council and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. In 2002, he traveled to Harvard University to serve as a public healthcare consultant, continuing on to work as a representative of China in the WHO.

Additionally, Mr. Ming Li Shao stepped down as Vice Minister of the SFDA. Mr. Shao has reached the age of retirement and his replacement has been a point of speculation since late 2011. Most people do not prefer to be associated with the SFDA given the its recent past history and the complex dynamics of the industry. No other replacements have been made. The three original vice ministers are still in place at the SFDA (Mr. Zhen Wu, Mr. Xuping Li, Mr. Zhenjia Bian).