Trade Mission to China: U.S. Medical Device Firms May Benefit From Participation in Government Program

Opportunities in China for medical device manufacturers have never been better. U.S. medical device exports to China are growing 12 percent annually. Sales to the Chinese mainland (excluding Hong Kong) reached US$275 million in 2001. U.S. exporters achieved an additional US$250 million in sales in Hong Kong during the same period. China’s growing middle-class is increasingly seeking high-quality medical care that can only be provided with the use of advanced imported medical equipment. The market for U.S. products is particularly strong for advanced medical technologies, where U.S. exports enjoy a considerable comparative advantage.

A senior International Trade Administration (ITA) official will lead a medical device trade mission to China from September 15-24, 2002. The deadline to apply for participation in this trade mission is July 12th. For more information, visit the program’s website: