Singapore establishes requirements for electronic labeling

As electronic labeling of pharmaceuticals and therapeutic products becomes more prevalent, Singapore’s Health Science Authority this summer issued guidelines to ensure the labeling systems provide needed information to consumers and regulators.

The electronic labels—often dependent on USSD codes that link to labels available online—are designed to improve on traditional labels, which can detach or fade and may be too small to display key information, as products become more complex. But their use in Singapore is relatively new, and to date has been relatively unregulated.

Under the new guidance, drug makers will be required to submit a proposal for e-labeling of their products to the government for approval. Printed labels on products will still be mandated until the electronic labels are deemed by the government to be reliable. The e-labels must use digital formatting easily viewable on smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and consumers should be able to access the electronic label with minimal navigation.