Real World Evidence (RWE) Becoming More Popular In Japan

While RWE is fairly prevalent for US and EU drug companies in their home markets, this has not been the case in Japan. However, according to a recent McKinsey article, this will change in the near future and become a more common occurrence for drug companies in Japan. In 2018, to facilitate this, the Japanese government set up the MID-NET database to merge medical claims, medical records, and diagnosis data at over 20 hospitals. More recently, Japan is creating more healthcare databases including a database of insurance claims, long-term insurance database, and a personal health records system. Some pharma companies in Japan are now utilizing providers of data, software, AI, etc. to maximize the use of RWE. This trend will only increase in the future.

Written by: Ames Gross – President and Founder, Pacific Bridge Medical (PBM)
Mr. Gross founded PBM in 1988 and has helped hundreds of medical companies with regulatory and business development issues in Asia. He is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the Asian medical markets. Mr. Gross has a BA degree, Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia University.