New E-filing Pricing System for India

India’s National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority (NPPA) has recently introduced an online e-filing system for applicants wishing to apply for pricing or revised pricing of their medical product. The price list is listed under Forms III, IV, and V of the Drug Price Control Order (DPCO) 1995.

This e-filing system is voluntary, and is designed for more efficient, expedited review of drug prices. The manual filing under DPCO 1995 will still be available.

The NPPA has posted instructions for filling out these online forms. Forms will be editable as many times as needed until final submission is complete. Also, when an applicant begins to fill in these online forms, he or she will receive a unique form number which can be used to see, modify, and print the application before final submission. Printouts can also be done as many times as needed until the final submission.

Once an applicant finalizes the form by clicking “Final Submission,” no additional corrections can be made. Applicants are then required to make a printout of this Final Submission, which will bear the unique form number. The applicant must then submit this printout to the NPPA by post along with the required supporting documents.

If the hard copy with the unique form number does not reach the NPPA within one month of making the final e-filing submission, the e-filed data will be automatically deleted from the database. Therefore, a new application will have to be filled out.