Japan 5-Years Clinical Research and Trial Activation Plan 2012

Japan’s Ministry of Health and Labor Welfare (MHLW) announced its third action plan to stimulate clinical research and trials in Japan on October 15th, 2012. The plan will attempt to boost efficiency, cost optimization, a staff training and patient education to encourage more clinical research and trials in Japan. Integration of modern IT to track cases and improve information storage is a major component of the plan.

The Japanese government’s first plan began in 2003, followed by the “5-year clinical Trial Activation Plan” in 2007. The success of 2007’s plan compelled government agencies to develop this latest iteration.

2012’s plan is expected to speed-up development of new and cutting-edge drugs and medical devices in Japan. Speed alone is not the only target – the government will also work to improve ethics and quality control in clinical research and trials. The plan especially targets manufacturers and researchers working in new fields to assist in the development of novel drugs and medical devices.