China’s SFDA Introduces Publicity Campaign to Reduce False Advertising

China ’s State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) initiated a publicity campaign on October 15, 2005, to decrease false and illegal advertising of drugs, medical devices, and health foods. The campaign, entitled “Care for Life and Health: Say No to False Advertisements of Drugs, Medical Devices and Health Foods,” is an initiative designed by the General Office of the State Council to assist the public in identifying misleading and illegal advertisements. False and illegal advertisements have been a significant and growing problem in China.

Through SFDA-sponsored activities, such as official information desks, media promotion, and distribution of publications, numerous SFDA departments will, at least in theory, provide the public with the resources to monitor drug, medical device, and health food advertisements so that illegal practices can be immediately identified and corrected. The campaign will also assist the media in revising its advertising methods and emphasize the necessity of ethical advertising practices.