How Medical Companies can be Successful in China Presentation

There is no doubt that China is and will continue to be a global hotspot for the medical industry. Yet many Western companies that rush haphazardly into China without fully understanding its business culture and mentality ultimately meet with failure. This presentation first provides crucial information on entering the Chinese medical market. It then goes one step further to give insight into communication and management techniques that have proven effective in the Chinese business context.


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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to China
    • Population
    • Government structure
    • Economy
    • SFDA
  • Primary Market Research
    • Best ways to do it
  • Distributor Search
    • Finding the right distributor
    • Distributor agreements in China
  • Setting up in China
    • Representative/Liaison office
    • Branch office
    • WOFE
    • Joint ventures
      • JV Law
      • Joint ventures in China today
      • Risks/benefits of joint ventures
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • R&D – What medical companies are doing in China today
    • How to set up the best R&D strategy
  • Clinical Trials
    • Best CROs
  • Sourcing/Contract Manufacturing
    • Steps
    • Pitfalls to avoid
    • Key clauses for agreements
    • Quality control
  • Unions
  • Intellectual property rights (IPR)
    • Current IPR situation in China
    • Reducing the risk of IPR infringement
    • Dealing with Chinese competitors
  • Effective Communication in the Chinese Business Context
    • US headquarters – China office communications
    • Communicating with Chinese employees
    • US vs. Chinese cultural tendencies
    • Positive Chinese perceptions of Americans
    • Negative Chinese perceptions of Americans
    • Boss-employee relationships
    • Guanxi (networks)
    • The concept of “face”
    • Gifts and body language: small gestures that mean a lot
  • Negotiating with the Chinese

Case studies are provided as needed to explain certain points.