Pharmaceutical Distributor Search in India

Pharmaceutical Distributor Search in IndiaIndia’s pharmaceutical markets are growing quickly as the consumer base is becoming richer and can pay for more treatment. In addition, more private hospitals that can provide advanced healthcare are being constructed. Nevertheless, finding a suitable pharmaceutical distributor in India can be difficult due to the country’s unique business and social culture.

Pacific Bridge Medical has the experience and knowledge to help you find qualified and reliable Indian pharmaceutical distributors that can sell your products in India.

India Pharmaceutical Distributor Search Challenges

  • Distribution Across the Country: There are a limited number of pharmaceutical distributors in India that can provide coverage across all of India due to the country’s large size. Therefore, foreign companies may need to partner with several regional distributors to achieve national coverage.
  • Product Replication: Given that illegal replications of existing drugs are prevalent and poorly regulated in India, intellectual property protection is a major concern. While moving slowly, intellectual property protection is improving gradually. However, to guarantee the protection of your intellectual property rights, comprehensive knowledge of the market and extensive due diligence are needed.
  • Available Distributors: Locating the right pharmaceutical distributor in India can be a lengthy process. India’s pharmaceutical markets are expanding quickly, and although there are several high-quality pharmaceutical distributors in India, they are usually extremely busy because there is a multitude of foreign pharmaceutical companies that are now entering or increasing their presence in the country.

Our India Pharmaceutical Distributor Search Process

  • Step 1: Find and evaluate potential pharmaceutical distributors.
  • Step 2: Explain all aspects of the drug to these distributors, which involves its intended use, unique features, and market potential.
  • Step 3: Distributors will send in sales proposals of their marketing strategies and sales estimates for the drug.
  • Step 4: After an in-depth assessment of the proposals, we will select the distributor who will best meet the company’s needs. We will also aid with the negotiation and finalization of the contract.

Pacific Bridge Medical’s consultants are highly experienced with finding and teaming up with the best pharmaceutical distributors in India to guarantee excellent services for our clients. For a consultation with our India distribution experts, click here to contact us.

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