Client Testimonials

James Kelleher, President of Asia Pacific and Americas, C. R. Bard:

“PBM has worked with Bard for over 5 years. They have helped us with primary market research, strategy, and regulatory issues throughout the Asian region. Their work is consistently excellent and on time.”

Ed Levy, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development, QLT Inc.:

“PBM helped QLT explore a number of ways to approach Asian markets. Their knowledge and contacts in Asia were good.”

Steve Ruhf, Director, Asia Marketing, C.B. Fleet Pharmaceuticals:

“PBM has helped us with many issues in Asia, from building our distributor network, to re-staffing our Singapore office, product registration, helping with business strategy, and finding sub-contracting manufacturing. The people at PBM are very knowledgeable about Asia.”

Randy Hull, Vice-President, International, Twin Laboratories Inc.:

“PBM helped Twin Laboratories Inc. successfully set up its business in Japan. Their assistance in finding our partner, negotiating and closing the deal, and assistance with implementation has been excellent. We are lucky to have found such a good group to work with.”

Kathy O’Shaughnessy, Director, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, R2 Technologies:

“PBM has helped R2 on a number of regulatory issues over the past few years. They have helped us find an In Country Caretaker (ICC) in Japan, assisted with shonin (product) registration strategy, as well as researching distributors and providing regulatory information for other countries in Asia. Their insights and knowledge have helped us optimize our resources in Asia.”

Dirk Jeffs, Director of International Sales, Ultradent:

“PBM has helped us in a variety of areas, primarily including regulatory assistance and strategy. They are cost effective and quick to respond to our needs.”

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