Singapore Class A Medical Device Register

Singapore’s main regulatory body, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), announced the implementation of their ‘Class A Medical Device Register.’ This is a public database that enables people to search for importers/manufacturers and their respective imported/manufactured Class A medical devices that are exempt from registration. The following information is available on the register:

  • Dealer’s license number
  • Dealer’s name
  • Product owner name
  • Name as per device label
  • Device identifier/model number
  • Intended use of product
  • Country of manufacturer

The HSA is going to transfer all devices on the Class A Exemption List to the Class A Medical Device Register. Licensed importers and local manufacturers of Class A Medical products must update the information on the Class A Exemption List through the MEDICS e-service by June 30, 2017.

As a disclaimer, the HSA will not assume any responsibility that arises from the information published on the Class A Medical Device Register. The information published on the register has not been verified by the HSA, but is self-declared by the dealers.