Japan Business Culture 2013 Webcast

With one of the world’s largest economies, Japan’s medical market is an attractive market for Western medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies. However, many Westerners struggle with understanding Japanese culture and business etiquette when they are registering their products, licensing their technology, or dealing with Japanese partners. Japan has distinct social norms and a group mentality that is hierarchical in nature. What are the cultural characteristics of Japanese companies? What are the most common errors that Western companies make when doing business in Japan? How can you successfully do business with Japanese people? Please view our Japanese Business Culture Update webcast to gain the cultural understanding needed when doing business in Japan.


To view the webcast presentation slides in PDF format, please click on Japan Business Culture 2013 Webcast Slides.



Ames Gross, President and Founder of Pacific Bridge Medical.


  • Asia Overview
  • Japan Overview
  • Japanese Culture
  • Japanese Business
    • Characteristics of Japanese companies
    • Getting to a meeting
    • Greetings and introductions
    • Conducting negotiations
    • Body language and communication
    • Meeting with government officials
    • Socializing
    • Japanese decision-making process
    • Keeping up the relationship
    • Women in Japan
    • Japanese as co-worker