Vietnam Medical Device Market Updates 2011 Webcast

The Vietnam medical device market is growing very quickly. To succeed there, foreign medical device companies need to understand the Vietnamese regulatory system and how to get product approval.


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This presentation will be made by Pacific Bridge Medical’s Vietnamese partner.


  • Overview of Vietnam’s healthcare system
    • Structure of healthcare system
    • Number of hospitals, doctors, etc.
    • Main Health Agencies
      • Government agencies that regulate medical devices
  • Classification of Medical Devices
  • List of medical devices subject to government regulation
  • How to register in the Vietnam medical device market
    • Overall process
    • Required documents
    • Timeframes
    • Fees
  • Post-market and surveillance requirements
  • Tips to register your medical device quickly
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Medical Devices
  • Doing Business in Vietnam
    • Reimbursement for Medical Devices
    • Types of Procurement
  • Tendering process
  • Current Issues in Vietnam’s Medical Device Market
  • Advertising
  • New and Upcoming Medical Device Regulations
  • Intellectual Property (IP)