Local Agent Representation for Medical Products in Thailand

In Thailand, a locally based company registered with the Thai government can be in charge of registering and importing a foreign pharmaceutical product or medical device. This company can be a foreign manufacturer’s subsidiary, local distributor or an independent third party.

The Thai company must have a general import license, while each product requires a product-specific import license.

What are the advantages of employing an independent third party to be your in-country representative in Thailand?

  • Local Agent Representation for Medical Products in ThailandFor foreign medical product companies that do not want to set up their own subsidiary or trust a local distributor with their product registration information, an independent third party acting as your Thai legal agent is the best choice.
  • Employing a Thai third party local agent to register your medical products with the Thai FDA (FDA) means that the registration will be held in your name, allowing you to easily change distributors.
  • A Thai in-country representative can also liaise with the Ministry of Public Health (MPH) and take charge of adverse event reporting and recalls.

Pacific Bridge Medical can be your in-country representative in Thailand. To speak with our expert consultants about independent third party license holding and the medical markets in Thailand, contact us today.

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