10 Things to Do and Not Do to Be Successful in Asia’s Medical Device Markets

Staying Competitive Amid Rapid R&D Growth in AsiaThere are several steps to consider when entering the Asian medical device market. This presentation covers 10 essential steps to help grow your business in Asia. Case studies will be used to demonstrate key points.

To view these presentation slides, please click on 10 Things to Do and Not to be Successful in Asia’s Medical Device Markets. 


Table of Contents

  1. Which Asian Market Should You Go To?
    1. Demographics
    2. Medical Device Market
  2. Market Research
    1. China Key Market Issues
    2. Japan Key Market issues
  3. Distributor Search
    1. China Distributor Search
    2. Japan Distributor Search
  4. Medical Device Registration
    1. Japan Registration
    2. China Registration
    3. Malaysia Registration
  5. Clinical Trials
    1. Clinical Trials in China
    2. Clinical Trials in Japan
  6. Reimbursement
    1. China Pricing & Reimbursement
    2. Japan Pricing & Reimbursement
  7. Sourcing in Asia
    1. Reasons to Source or Manufacture in Asia
    2. Case Study: Sourcing Biopsy Forceps in Asia
  8. Quality Control
    1. Case Study: Quality Issues in China for Sourcing and Manufacturing
  9. Best Business Strategy
  10. Cultural Issues
    1. Ethnic Diversity in Asia
    2. Asian Business Culture
    3. Final Comment on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)