Pacific Bridge Medical is Starting a New Commission-Based Asia Sales Program

The Asian medical markets have experienced exponential growth over the past 25 years. Today, China and Japan are among the top 5 largest medical device markets globally. To grow their businesses successfully, Western medical device companies should consider entering or expanding their presence in the Asian medical device markets.

However, small to mid-size medical device companies oftentimes do not have the resources or time to develop their own sales in Asia. Our new Asia Sales Program is especially designed to help small to mid-sized companies increase their sales in Asia.

Pacific Bridge Medical will now assist small to mid-sized medical device companies in finding and managing Asian distributors as well as registering your medical devices in each Asian country. These services will be provided on a sales commission basis with NO upfront expenses to you — meaning we are paid ONLY when your company receives purchase orders from our Asian distributors.

To learn more about our Asia Sales Program, click here or contact us directly.