Singapore’s Healthcare System to be Reorganized into Three Integrated Clusters

Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) is reorganizing the country’s public healthcare system in order to improve the delivery of services and better meet future healthcare needs. Currently, Singapore’s public healthcare system is organized into six regional health systems. Under the new system, the MOH is going to organize the healthcare system into three integrated clusters:

  1. Central region: will merge the National Healthcare Group (NHG) and the Alexandria Health System
  2. Eastern region: will merge Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) and the Eastern Health Alliance (EHA)
  3. Western region: will merge the National University Health System (NUHS) and Jurong Health Services (JurongHealth)

This transition is meant to better position the country for future healthcare challenges such as population aging and the increased burden of chronic diseases. The new organization system works to optimize resources and provide more comprehensive care for patients. The transition will not affect patients. Fees will not increase, and no action is required from patients. The MOH aims to complete the transition by early 2018.