New South Korea Investment in Artificial Intelligence to Include Medical Applications

Seeking to bolster its artificial intelligence (AI) industry in the face of foreign competition, South Korea has announced plans to invest $2 billion over three years in the development of thinking computer systems. Among the research priorities outlined by Korea’s science ministry is developing AI technology for use in medical devices and health data collection.

South Korea’s science ministry will also invest in research and development of intelligent robots for use by surgeons, 3D printers, and genetic testing devices. One of the medical intelligence systems envisioned would analyze patient’s medical data and personalize medical treatment options.

A number of medical devices utilizing artificial intelligence systems are already in the pipeline in Korea. They include VUNOmed-BoneAge, which uses AI-powered bone age detection software to determine the degree of maturation of bones by scanning a patient’s hands. The first AI-based diagnostic device was approved for sale by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in May 2018. It is expected to be helpful in diagnosing growth disorders in children.