New Rehab Technologies Driven by Needs of the Aging find Footholds across Asian Markets

A host of rehabilitative technology companies are entering the Asian market in force, driven by the needs of the region’s aging population for exercise and rehab equipment to combat immobility, muscular atrophy, and the epidemics of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, osteoarthritis, and diabetes brought on or exacerbated by inactivity.

New offerings to enhance musculoskeletal function on the Asian market include dozens of products developed recently. Among them are hydrotherapy systems from Netherlands-based EWAC Medical designed for use in nursing homes and healthcare facilities. The systems employ modular pools and underwater treadmills and bicycles to promote balance and strength in the elderly without straining joints.

Another new product on the market is the G-TES system from Japanese company HOMER ION, which uses electrical stimulation to combat the impacts of bed rest on geriatric patients. And in Taiwan, B. Green technology has developed strength, gait, balance, and coordination training equipment designed for patients with strokes and Parkinson’s Disease.

Other new products include robotic systems to speed rehabilitation, lightweight braces for joint injuries, and passive exercise systems to help patients improve brain and cardiovascular function.