New Electronic Licensing System in Singapore

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has been developing an electronic licensing system to support the regulatory functions of the Centre for Pharmaceutical Administration (CPA) since 2001. The HSA implemented the first part of its electronic system in April 15, 2003 with the introduction of electronic applications for licensing of cosmetic products. The electronic licensing system, called prism@hsa will also include other regulatory function such as:

  • Licensing of Western medicines
  • Certification of clinical trials
  • Licensing of manufacturers/assemblers/importers/wholesale dealers
  • Licensing of Chinese proprietary medicines
  • Issuing of Medical advertisements and permits
  • Licensing of tobacco retailers

According to the HSA, prism@hsa will provide the following services (summarized by the acronym “APPRECIATE”):

  • Apply@hsa will facilitate the preparation of applications through the use of code tables and copy functions. A pre-validation of applications is provided for applicants to check through their applications before submission to minimize errors. Amendments and withdrawals of applications can also be submitted online after the applications have been submitted.
  • Pay@hsa will allow payment to be made electronically via cash card, credit card, NETS and IBG (GIRO), thus obviating the need to manage cash and checks.
  • Post@hsa will facilitate the electronic delivery of licenses/permits/certificates to requesters.
  • Renew@hsa will enable renewals of licenses/permits/certificates to be made online via the click of a button.
  • Enquire@hsa will allow clients to enquire the lists of licenses/permits/certificates they have been issued by the CPA.
  • Clearance@hsa will allow importers to submit re-export documents to the CPA online.
  • Interact@hsa will facilitate online inquiries and consultations on regulatory requirements between clients and CPA’s officers.
  • Alert@hsa will provide alerts via short message service (SMS) and email to applicants on acknowledgements, approvals and renewals.
  • Track@hsa will allow clients to track the status of applications online via SMS.
  • Endorse@hsa will enable online endorsement of clinical trial applications by external parties.

prism@hsa will utilize SINGPASS, an authentication system developed the Central Provident Board, to ensure online transaction security.