Hong Kong Becoming More Popular for Drug Clinical Research

Today, about 50% of all new drug clinical trials have at least one site in Asia. Despite its small population (about 7.5 million people), Hong Kong is looking to get a piece of the action. Hong Kong has excellent hospitals, doctors, and researchers, especially in the cancer and cardio areas. While there are only 3 hospitals in Hong Kong certified to do clinical studies, many international and Chinese drug companies are increasing their clinical presence there. The two leading centers are the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. At the Chinese University of Hong Kong, over 75 new Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials are taking place every year. Historically, international drug companies did later-stage clinical trials in Hong Kong, but that changed a few years ago when the University of Hong Kong began offering Phase 1 studies too.

When specific disease prevalence is high amongst Asian patients, then Asia as well as Hong Kong hospitals have a more significant place in global clinical trials. Diseases like liver disease and nose cancer are very prevalent in the region. In addition, Hong Kong will soon get its first GMP lab to make clinical trial materials which will help jump-start more trials in new therapies like cell and gene therapy, regenerative medicine, etc. While only some Hong Kong clinical data is accepted in China now, discussions to accept more Hong Kong data are being accelerated.

Written by: Ames Gross – President and Founder, Pacific Bridge Medical (PBM)
Mr. Gross founded PBM in 1988 and has helped hundreds of medical companies with regulatory and business development issues in Asia. He is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the Asian medical markets. Mr. Gross has a BA degree, Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia University.

Source used in the article: https://pharmaboardroom.com/articles/hong-kong-doubling-down-on-clinical-research/