Facing surge in demand, Thailand seeks to control prices of masks, sanitizer

To ensure hand sanitizers and medical masks remain available to the public, Thai authorities in April placed price controls on both items considered critical to the welfare of citizens and in high demand.

Under a notification published by the Thai Central Committee on Prices of Goods and Services (CCP) the retail price of medical masks manufactured in Thailand must not be above 2.50 Thai Bhat (0.077 USD). Importers, distributors, and retailers of masks produced outside Thailand are permitted to set their own prices but are prohibited from marking up prices by more than 23%. Masks may not be exported from Thailand in shipments exceeding 500 pieces.

The price of hand sanitizer is also subject to government controls. While a specific price of alcohol-based hand sanitizer has not been set by Thai authorities, manufacturers, importers, and distributors must notify the CCP of pricing details, and they may not increase prices without CCP permission