AMMI Pushes for New Governmental Role in Malaysia’s Medical Device Market

The Association of Malaysia Medical Industries (AMMI) is lobbying the government to change how the state affects the industry. Currently, the Malaysian government influences the medical device market by providing financial incentives for investments in R&D. AMMI, however, believes that the government should provide more support for investments in intellectual property protection and talent nurturing in the form of training programs. AMMI is also pushing for more government incentives in the form of tax cuts rather than grants.

Additionally, AMMI is developing Malaysia’s medical device industry by providing training for over 100 of the country’s medical device managers and executives. They are collaborating with the Penang Skills Development Centre. These joint training programs are to enhance the human capital in the sector. Future university graduates aiming to enter the medical device regulation field can jumpstart their career by participating in these programs.

AMMI has 24 members, including B. Braun and Ambu Inc. In recent years, AAMI’s sales made up more than half of the approximately $1 billion medical device market.

Roughly 80% of Malaysia’s medical device industry consists of imports. The country is a leader in rubber exports. It provides 80% of the world’s disposable gloves and 60% of the world’s catheters. Latest estimates indicate that the market value of Malaysia’s medical device sector will continue to experience close to 10% annual growth until 2015.