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To learn more about our mission and culture, please view this message from our president,

Pacific Bridge Medical (PBM) was founded in 1988 to help international medical companies solve their most complex problems while doing business in Asia. Since then, PBM has assisted hundreds of companies with business development and regulatory issues in Asia.

We provide our services to all types of medical firms, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical systems and software, medical services, and health foods/consumer products companies.

In addition to our expert staff in the D.C. area, PBM has its own offices in China, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We also work with strategic affiliates throughout Asia, each of which has been carefully selected for its expertise and track record of successfully assisting international medical companies in Asia. Our affiliates in India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam help us to register products, increase sales, establish joint ventures or subsidiaries, perform market research, develop regulatory strategies, and more.

PBM can work with your medical company to solve your business and regulatory issues, act as your guide in navigating the Asian medical markets, provide valuable on-the-ground support, and manage each project to completion, all tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Us?


Medical companies often face complicated changes in regulatory demands and market dynamics. Keeping up with the ever changing regulations in Asia and the unique aspects of each Asian market requires constant education and vigilance.

Our consulting services can help at any stage of your business with everything from regulatory strategy and product registration to distributor search, sourcing, and market research in Asia. PBM specializes in projects that require developing unique and complex strategies.

  • Pacific Bridge Medical (PBM) is a boutique consulting firm with over 27 years of experience in the Asian medical markets.

    We focus only on Asia, and we know it well.

  • PBM undertakes complex and difficult projects that require the highest levels of industry and functional expertise.

    Larger consulting firms that spread their focus over a wide range of markets and services often employ consultants who only have knowledge on the industry from a general standpoint; their coverage may be miles wide, but only inches deep. In addition, larger-scale consulting firms are focused on high project volume at a lesser quality of service. However, PBM emphasizes undertaking only unique and complex projects, which require strong industry expertise, out-of-the-box strategic thinking, and careful attention to detail.

  • PBM is reputable for developing strong, personal relationships with our clients.

    Whether a client is a large multinational company or a small business, we provide the same level of quality work and personal service. We take pride in our accountability to our clients and have a large base of repeat clientele. Our senior leadership is deeply involved in day-to-day progress to ensure that our clients receive excellent, customized service tailored to meet all of their needs.

  • PBM develops practical, effective solutions based on a deep understanding of the Asian medical markets and regulatory environments.

    To succeed in Asia’s medical markets, it is important for foreign companies to understand each country’s healthcare regulations and market trends. Some countries, such as Japan, have comprehensive guidelines and policies to govern the Japanese medical market. Other countries, such as Vietnam and India, are just beginning to formulate more stringent regulations for medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Our vast knowledge of the unique regulatory and business environments in each Asian country is a valuable asset when determining the best strategic plan for a medical company looking to succeed in Asia.

  • PBM is able to build strong networks in Asia due to our appreciation of the cultural differences of each Asian country.

    In addition to vigilantly keeping up with the changing regulations and business trends in Asia via our 4 offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan for almost 30 years, PBM understands the cultural values specific to each country in the professional working environment. This awareness of the attitudes and mindsets that are unique to each Asian culture has allowed us maintain strong and reliable relationships between Western and Asian executives based on trust.

To learn more about how Pacific Bridge Medical can help you develop a successful business strategy in Asia for your pharmaceutical product, contact us for a free consultation with our Asia business consultants.