Sourcing and Manufacturing Medical Products in Asia

We can help you find opportunities for Asia sourcing and Asia manufacturing.

Asia has become the chief manufacturing center of the world. China and India are powerhouses for sourcing or manufacturing medical devices, components, pharmaceuticals, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Vietnam is also a low cost country that is developing quickly. In some cases, India and Vietnam can offer costs as low as half of China's. In addition, Western medical companies sometimes choose other Asian countries to source from or to manufacture their medical products. Asian product sourcing is increasing quickly.

Locating an appropriate facility in Asia to source or manufacture requires a number of steps. We can help with locating Asian manufacturers, perform due diligence, negotiate and more. Our local offices in Asia can help Asia manufacturers' factories meet local and US FDA standards. We can even act as your supply chain management consultant. The quality of many Asia manufacturer facilities is increasing quickly.

For assistance at any of these stages or anything in between, we are here to help you import from Asia.

Despite some newsworthy setbacks, the quality of medical products coming from China, India, and Vietnam is getting better quickly. In some situations, the manufacturing sophistication in Asia has developed to the level of the West. For example, India already has over 100 FDA-approved medical factories. Contact us today to take advantage of the opportunities.

PBM can conduct quality audits for your factories in Asia.

PBM Services – Sourcing and Manufacturing

  • Study your products in detail
  • Review product specifications and determine the number of each item to be sourced
  • Determine the best Asian country to source products from
  • Contact potential suppliers of such products
  • Write a report summarizing each supplier’s capabilities and ability to make the required products
  • Discuss the report with the client and answer follow-up questions
  • Conduct on-site visits with the best suppliers to examine QMS systems, etc.
  • Escort client executives to visit the best suppliers
  • Negotiate with the suppliers on the client’s behalf as needed
  • Conclude a sourcing agreement
  • Monitor sourcing processes post sourcing agreement to make sure products are made correctly and meet the client’s expectations


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