Indonesia Pharmaceutical Consulting

With a population of 230 million people, Indonesia’s pharmaceutical market is worth more than $3 billion. While there is good potential in Indonesia’s pharmaceutical market, its drug policies and regulations are still evolving. PBM has worked in a wide range of pharmaceutical consulting projects in Indonesia. We have helped international clients in sourcing APIs, marketing and distributing new drugs and setting up joint ventures in the country.    

The Indonesian pharmaceutical market faces several challenges.  The living standards of most Indonesians are still low, with healthcare spending of only about $60 per head, much lower than $300 per head in neighboring Malaysia.  Therefore, price has a major influence in the choice of pharmaceutical products and medical treatments in Indonesia.

Indonesian pharma market drug prices are relatively high for branded drugs, which sell for more than triple the price of equivalent generic drugs. The Indonesian pharma market is also challenged by a relatively weak infrastructure for drug distribution and heavy government bureaucracy in the healthcare sector.   Given this challenging environment, international drug companies looking to expand their business in Indonesia can turn to PBM’s Indonesian pharmaceutical consultants for professional guidance.

To operate successfully in the Indonesia pharmaceutical market, international companies need to know its pharmaceutical regulations. The regulatory body for the Indonesian pharmaceutical market is the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC). The NA-DFC is responsible for ensuring the safety, quality and efficacy of pharmaceuticals. It also handles the drug application review process and grants drug approvals in the form of a marketing authorization license.

PBM’s Indonesia pharmaceutical consultants are experienced and results-oriented professionals who work diligently to ensure that international drug companies thrive in Indonesia.  Please contact us for further information on PBM’s Indonesia pharma consultant services, or refer to PBM’s publications for a further overview of Indonesia’s pharmaceutical market.

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