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With a population of more than 4 billion people, Asia’s pharmaceutical market is worth more than $140 billion. Japan and China are the two largest drug markets, accounting for about 70% of the total value.  Over the years, PBM’s Asia pharmaceutical consultants have worked on numerous consulting projects for drug companies in all 12 Asian countries - China, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. We have helped our clients to market and distribute new drugs, source for APIs, establish local manufacturing sites, find distributors and conduct market research in Asia.

Generally, economic growth and an increase in government healthcare programs have improved Asia’s healthcare standards. The disease profile in Asia is also taking on a Western lifestyle with diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. The most prevalent causes of death in Asia are cancer, diabetes as well as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.  

Asia’s pharmaceutical market is generally dominated by generic drugs. However, more advanced countries such as Japan and Singapore have a strong patented drug market to treat chronic diseases. Foreign drug manufacturers are also strengthening their presence in Asia through setting up joint ventures and local production facilities in relatively low-cost countries such as India and China.  International companies interested in expanding their pharmaceutical business into Asia can approach PBM’s Asian pharmaceutical consultants for professional guidance in each country.  


Knowledge of Asia’s healthcare regulations is crucial for international companies to succeed in the Asian drug market. Pharmaceutical regulations in Asia differ from country to country.  For example, China’s pharmaceutical market is governed by the State Food and Drug Administration, which is modeled after the US FDA. On the other hand, smaller markets such as Singapore have the Health Sciences Authority, which oversees the quality and safety of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and other health-related products. It is important for drug companies to understand the different roles of each health authority in Asia. PBM’s Asia pharmaceutical consultants have the experience and expertise to assist companies in navigating through the various healthcare agencies and drug regulations in Asia.

PBM’s Asia pharmaceutical consultants are committed professionals offering the best solutions to help international pharmaceutical companies succeed in the Asian drug market. We are a results-driven organization with years of experience in Asian pharmaceutical consulting.  For inquiries on PBM’s Asia pharmaceutical consultant services, please contact us or view PBM’s publications to find out more about the Asian pharmaceutical market.

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